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Happy Birthday Dougie!



Happy birthday Dougie!

We decided to contact a few of his friends to ask them if they had messages they wanted us to post on the site for you. A big thank you to Adam who helped out.

Here are the messages: 

Well what can I say about my good friend Dougie. He’s Glasgow’s answer to James Bond, the guys want to be him & the girls want to be with him! He’s handsome, tall & extremely funny. You would think all these traits would give him a big head but no, not our Dougie. It’s In fact his Jedward hair cut that makes him look like he has a big head. But we still love him even if his hair dresser doesn’t 😉
Happy birthday mate.


Happy 29th!!!! Birthday Dougie, cant believe your 29!!! its your 30th year alive, so your actually over 29 and in your 30th year 🙂 haha love you big guy, glad your my mate…..most of the time Haha X



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Douglas covering Nizlopi – Girls with David Ferguson

Here’s an old cover Douglas did with David Ferguson of Nizlopi’s song Girls 

Source on soundcloud

And Even More Pics of Douglas With Dolphins

Here are even more pics of Douglas with Dolphins. 

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Doug and Emily singing Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

In the caption of the video:

Here is my last day at Dolphin Cove. Emily had never sang in front of people or a camera before but I over heard her one day so begged her to sing with me.

It’s gorgeous! Thank you Doug and Emily! ~Sim

Pics of Douglas With Dolphins

Here are loads of new pics of Douglas with Dolphins 🙂 

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And Even More Dolphin Pics

Here are even more pics of Douglas with dolphins. 

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Some Cute Pics of Douglas With Dolphins

Here are more cute pics of Douglas with dolphins. 

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Video of Douglas Hamilton and Jesse Jett Perfoming a Cover of Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours

Here’s a video of Douglas and one of his friend’s Jesse Jett performing a cover of Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours. 

More Dolphin Pics

Here are more pics of Douglas with dolphins for you guys. Enjoy! 

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Update and Some Dolphin Pics

Hey everyone, 

Giving you all an update on where I am, what I’m doing and what’s going on. I’ve been living down in the middle of the Florida Keys for a month and a half now. Loving life. I originally started here at the Dolphin Research Center and loved working with everyone and with dolphins but was recently offered a more intense internship at Dolphin Cove and I’m loving it. 

I’m learning all the techniques, terminologies and much more that is involved in becoming a dolphin trainer. There are 8 dolphins where I’m at right now, it’s pretty hard to tell dolphins apart but I’m getting there. All the dolphins are great and have their own personalities or dolphinaties as some dolphin people say. 

I’ve been down to Key West a few times, to the Southern Most Point of the United States, only 90 miles away from Cuba (as it says on the buoy).  Thought about swimming it, but level head prevailed. All the Keys are beautiful, crazy to see, all surrounded by water with bridges everywhere and the 7 miles bridge is great.  There’s also the “old bridge” where True Lies was filmed and the part of the bridge where they filmed was cool to see. 

I’ve been jamming with one of my friends Jesse here who’s a really good singer. I might try to post a video later of us jamming together. The only downfall of Dolphin Cove is that it is a one and a half hour drive North of where I live so I need to get up at 5am and don’t get home until 7pm, so I have less time to play music. 

Just want to say thanks to everyone who’s been following me and all my new followers. It’s much appreciated. Thanks for all the message you guys left regarding my music. I’ve read them all and they’re great! 

Here are a few dolphin pictures for guys before I go. 

Always tip your waitress 😉 


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