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Video of Douglas Hamilton Singing One of His Songs – Cliché

Here’s a video of Douglas singing a songs he wrote called Cliché. 

“Here is a song I wrote around 4 years ago, but I sing a little different from what I did back then. So decided to bring it up to now. It was written about a friend of mine who was going through a rough time!” 

Lyrics after the jump!

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Douglas Hamilton Performing an Acoustic Cover of Maroon 5’s “She Will Be Loved”

Here is an amazing acoustic cover of Maroon 5’s She Will Be Loved done by Douglas Hamilton. Vocals and guitar are done by Douglas. Original song is by Maroon 5. 

Another Cute Video of Douglas With Lion Cubs

Here’s another cute video of Douglas Hamilton with lion cubs. 

Cute Video of Douglas Hamilton With a Lorikeet

Here’s a cute video of Douglas with a rainbow lorikeet in Australia. Enjoy! 

The Rest of the Convo With Douglas

I finally managed to edit the final parts of my conversation with Douglas. He talks about animals, where he’s been, his bucket list, the Australian version of the Hangover and I think he might have said I was crazy ;). So here they are for you guys. 

Below he talks about swimming with Dolphins and places he’s been 

In this video he speaks about music, animals and his favourite Australian animal 

I think I’ve just been called crazy lol 😉 

The Hangover – Australian Edition. 

I’m not posting the video so you’ll have to ask Douglas for the link on Twitter lol 

And finally an update and Douglas’ bucket list 

Douglas Speaks About Music and Plays Guitar For Us

Here’s the clip in which Douglas talks about music and plays some guitar for us. The guitar part starts at 8:20. Can’t wait to hear the completed version! 

Douglas Speaks American, Japanese & French and Tells Ghost Stories

As mentioned in a previous post, I said we’d be posting some podcast types of chats Douglas and I have. Here is one we had last night where he speaks American, Japanese and French. He also made me speak French from France. 😉 There are more but I’m not posting them tonight. Enjoy! 

Here’s the part where he tells a ghost story 😉

Video of a Baby Koala on Douglas’ Leg

If you guys recall, in the previous interview I did with Douglas, he mentioned that his funniest animal encounter was a baby koala getting off it’s mother’s back and climbing up his leg. Well here’s the video. 

If you missed the interview the part about the baby koala is at 8:57 in the video below. 

Some Pics I Took While Out On My Bike Ride

Here are some pics I took while I was out on my bike. 

 ETA by Marie: The pics were taken at Mt. Tamborine in Queensland 

More after the jump! 

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Short Update & If You have Questions Leave Them Here

Hi everyone,

Marie here, just wanted to give you all a short update. We’re working on getting more stuff on the site soon. Also Douglas and I will be doing “podcast” types of updates together which we’ll be posting, so if you have any questions just ask us and we’ll chat about it and you guys will get to listen to the audio 🙂 

We’re working on some stuff right now, which is why we haven’t been posting much. Keep your eye open for updates coming soon 😉 

If you missed the previous interview you can check it out here