New Song – Give It Away – Teaser

Here’s a teaser for Give It Away. The full song should be available for purchase next week on iTunes. 

Click below to listen! 

Give It Away – Teaser

From Douglas regarding the song:

The guitar part was sent to me by my old band member David Sutherland, for a jam over the net, I really liked it as he comes up with great riffs. I asked him if I could use it and add to it. I started adding the strings and piano. There was a song there but it needed vocals. My cousin Chelsea Kay-Daniels, her friend Ellie Katsaparas and myself sat down and started to write. Within a few days we had a song we just had to record it. Ellie is a Jazz singer so she’s a little out of her comfort zone but she’s a great singer. I asked her to do female vocals.  I have spent the last four weeks on the song adding and deleting volumes etc… And I finally finished it.

Give It Away
Vocals: Douglas Hamilton and Ellie Katsaparas
Guitar: David Sutherland
Lyrics: Douglas Hamilton, Chelsea Kay-Daniels and Ellie Katsaparas


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