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Happy Birthday Dougie!



Happy birthday Dougie!

We decided to contact a few of his friends to ask them if they had messages they wanted us to post on the site for you. A big thank you to Adam who helped out.

Here are the messages: 

Well what can I say about my good friend Dougie. He’s Glasgow’s answer to James Bond, the guys want to be him & the girls want to be with him! He’s handsome, tall & extremely funny. You would think all these traits would give him a big head but no, not our Dougie. It’s In fact his Jedward hair cut that makes him look like he has a big head. But we still love him even if his hair dresser doesn’t 😉
Happy birthday mate.


Happy 29th!!!! Birthday Dougie, cant believe your 29!!! its your 30th year alive, so your actually over 29 and in your 30th year 🙂 haha love you big guy, glad your my mate…..most of the time Haha X



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