Happy Birthday Dougie!



Happy birthday Dougie!

We decided to contact a few of his friends to ask them if they had messages they wanted us to post on the site for you. A big thank you to Adam who helped out.

Here are the messages: 

Well what can I say about my good friend Dougie. He’s Glasgow’s answer to James Bond, the guys want to be him & the girls want to be with him! He’s handsome, tall & extremely funny. You would think all these traits would give him a big head but no, not our Dougie. It’s In fact his Jedward hair cut that makes him look like he has a big head. But we still love him even if his hair dresser doesn’t 😉
Happy birthday mate.


Happy 29th!!!! Birthday Dougie, cant believe your 29!!! its your 30th year alive, so your actually over 29 and in your 30th year 🙂 haha love you big guy, glad your my mate…..most of the time Haha X



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Fuck you Eddie.
Happy birthday , to the brother I never wanted. x


Happy birthday to my baby boy. Wishing you lots more of them and happiness always.


Dougie, happy birthday handsome, its time to get some randoms touching the pretty face!!! X
John Wardhaugh


You’re getting old wee bro, happy birthday.


Happy birthday Douglas, your the scottish mix of Ace ventura & George Clooney. Just a big lovely animal loving OLD guy.
Matthew & Jacqueline x Matthew Kelly


Happy birthday you old bastard. Enjoy your remaining years.
Love Will x William Fleming


Happy birthday Douglas, hope it’s a good year for you.


Getting awful near the BIG 30 pleb! Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Dougie Bubbles
Philip x


Happy Birthday my big cousin. Can’t believe you are soooo ANCIENT!!! x


Happy birthday shorty, have a cracking day.
luv your personal recruitment officer 🙂 xx



Happy birthday and hurry up n get back to south Australia already.



^^They’re singing happy birthday

Bonne fête Dougie!

Okay, that’s enough French for you today ;). It’s been fun helping you out over the past year. I know how much you love to tweet and all, so I’m sure it’s been a great pleasure for you as well :P. All jokes aside I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Only 364 more days until you turn 30! 



PS: I took no part in the photoshopped image at the top there. It was all Sim’s doing 😉 


Happy birthday young D!
Yes you can kick me for that wonderful image at the top of the post and sorry for hiding your bouffant under that great birthday hat 😛 Anyway: have a great day with your family, friends and loved ones and never forget your amazing talent for music!
Greetings from the Netherlands
Sim x



Dear Douglas,
I want to wish you a very happy birthday. Sadly, I can’t sing (that’s your job lol). May your day be filled with lion cubs hugs, Superman dolphins and fun 😉
B (slowie)


Dearest Dougie,
Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day, and don’t get up to too much mischief! (And if you do, we want pictures…..within reason 😉 ).


Là breith sona dhuit Dougie
Hope you have an amazing day, sadly you aren’t in Oz or playing with dolphins but you can’t be that lucky every day of the year 😉
Keeping my fingers crossed you’ll at least get sun rather than snow!
Loads of love
Sam (aka LadyFairyPants)

p.s Its my birthday next month – any chance of a new song as a present? hint hint 😉

Sans titre

Dear Doug,

Heartfelt wishes for a wonderful and awesome birthday!



I wish you an amazing birthday with your family, friends and more.Hope this day will bring you all the things you want.
Kisses from France
Letty (@PatStewBoneCT)


Happy Birthday Doug – I hope you have the best one ever and may all your dreams come true. Hugs from Florida


Happy Birthday Doug! Thank you for the music.


Happy Birthday Douglas!! Wishing you a fabulous year of continued success & happiness!!


Happy Birthday Doug 

I really hope you have a great birthday! I love to see you working with those beautiful animals.
Please continue to write more great music because you have a great voice! Enjoy your day, and have
a great year!



Happy birthday, Doug! I wish you all the best in the upcoming year. Hopefully your 20s go out with a bang. 🙂



Happy Birthday Dougie!! I hope you have a great day. Enjoy!
Shannon (skuck669)


Happy Birthday to an incredible man. May the next year bring you tremendous blessings and even more amazing adventures.



Happy Happy Birthday!!


Happy Birthday Dr Dolittle!! Hope you have a great day! Feel free to share any cake around.

Zoe (Sparks) xxx



Happy Birthday Doug!
Scott McDonald


My Birthday wishes for Doug are more cubs to hugs, lots of dolphin to swim with and all the beautiful music of the world to fill his soul. Happy Birthday!!!



photo (15)

Happy birthday to a multi-talented and super guy! Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors, Doug! You certainly made MY playlist!

Love and Aloha,

Julie Mercer


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