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Update and Some Dolphin Pics

Hey everyone, 

Giving you all an update on where I am, what I’m doing and what’s going on. I’ve been living down in the middle of the Florida Keys for a month and a half now. Loving life. I originally started here at the Dolphin Research Center and loved working with everyone and with dolphins but was recently offered a more intense internship at Dolphin Cove and I’m loving it. 

I’m learning all the techniques, terminologies and much more that is involved in becoming a dolphin trainer. There are 8 dolphins where I’m at right now, it’s pretty hard to tell dolphins apart but I’m getting there. All the dolphins are great and have their own personalities or dolphinaties as some dolphin people say. 

I’ve been down to Key West a few times, to the Southern Most Point of the United States, only 90 miles away from Cuba (as it says on the buoy).  Thought about swimming it, but level head prevailed. All the Keys are beautiful, crazy to see, all surrounded by water with bridges everywhere and the 7 miles bridge is great.  There’s also the “old bridge” where True Lies was filmed and the part of the bridge where they filmed was cool to see. 

I’ve been jamming with one of my friends Jesse here who’s a really good singer. I might try to post a video later of us jamming together. The only downfall of Dolphin Cove is that it is a one and a half hour drive North of where I live so I need to get up at 5am and don’t get home until 7pm, so I have less time to play music. 

Just want to say thanks to everyone who’s been following me and all my new followers. It’s much appreciated. Thanks for all the message you guys left regarding my music. I’ve read them all and they’re great! 

Here are a few dolphin pictures for guys before I go. 

Always tip your waitress 😉 


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Update and New Song

Hey guys, 

Here’s the latest update, just waiting to hear back from a few things in the States. But all is still a go. I start working with the dolphins in August. At the moment, still happily working away as a carpenter in Adelaide. 

After working on a new song with a couple of friends, I finally got it finished and  iTunes loved and has now released it worldwide. So I couldn’t be happier with that! If you want to check it out click here for the iTunes link. 

CNN is very interested in my lion videos so you may be seeing them on Anderson Cooper 360, as well as their affiliate stations soon. 

As per before, a couple of great people are helping me out. Due to not being able to work while I’m in America while I’m doing the internship with the dolphins, they’ve created an auction to help raise money. If you’re able to help out no amount is too small. You can donate by clicking the “Donate” button in the sidebar here or by participating in the auction here. I’ll also be putting up a cover for auction. 

I like cake. 


I’m Alive and Here’s An Update

Hey guys, 

Sorry for the disappearing act, I’ve just been working hard with Marie trying to get some things sorted and after a lot of hard work, mainly from Marie’s side haha, and going through various stages with a very slim chance of getting it but we never gave up and it has finally paid off. I have been offered one of the 4 positions of an internship in the Florida Keys working with dolphins. I couldn’t be any happier as I have always wanted to work with dolphins.

The internship commences on the 20th of August, however I have friends living in the States so if possible I may be trying to go to the US earlier. 

I think hearing the dolphin news has freed my mind from a lot of worries and doubts as I’ve been working on a new song for over 4 weeks now. After hearing the dolphin news I was able to finish the song 3 days later. Hopefully it will be up on iTunes by next week. The song is called Give It Away, it has myself singing and backed-up by my friend Ellie Katsaparas, the guitar was composed by my friend David Sutherland. The song took 3 days to write, the lyrics were written by myself, my cousin Chelsea-Kay Daniels and Ellie as well.

The song can be open to interpretation but it’s mainly about relationships, playing games when it’s past the point of playing games. So it’s about giving everything, but still playing games due to possible previous relationships, doubts or insecurities. Ultimately they have that person completely and would do anything for them and be everything for them. So the words “give it away” can mean a number of things like giving away and not masking feelings or giving away as in a new relationship, giving away being single. It can mean something to every relationship new or old. 

I have just invested in a brand new Blue Yeti microphone so I plan on recording more. 

If you guys have any questions feel free to ask. Marie and I will keep you guys updated. 

Nothing worth having comes easy. 

Come to the dark side we have cookies 😉 


Some Pics I Took While Out On My Bike Ride

Here are some pics I took while I was out on my bike. 

 ETA by Marie: The pics were taken at Mt. Tamborine in Queensland 

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