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Cute Video of Douglas Hamilton With a Lorikeet

Here’s a cute video of Douglas with a rainbow lorikeet in Australia. Enjoy! 


The Rest of the Convo With Douglas

I finally managed to edit the final parts of my conversation with Douglas. He talks about animals, where he’s been, his bucket list, the Australian version of the Hangover and I think he might have said I was crazy ;). So here they are for you guys. 

Below he talks about swimming with Dolphins and places he’s been 

In this video he speaks about music, animals and his favourite Australian animal 

I think I’ve just been called crazy lol 😉 

The Hangover – Australian Edition. 

I’m not posting the video so you’ll have to ask Douglas for the link on Twitter lol 

And finally an update and Douglas’ bucket list 

Video of a Baby Koala on Douglas’ Leg

If you guys recall, in the previous interview I did with Douglas, he mentioned that his funniest animal encounter was a baby koala getting off it’s mother’s back and climbing up his leg. Well here’s the video. 

If you missed the interview the part about the baby koala is at 8:57 in the video below. 

Some Pics I Took While Out On My Bike Ride

Here are some pics I took while I was out on my bike. 

 ETA by Marie: The pics were taken at Mt. Tamborine in Queensland 

More after the jump! 

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*Audio* 101 Daft Questions With Douglas Hamilton

Hi all FPOnTheDL here. Here’s  the interview “101 Daft Questions” I did with Douglas Hamilton. The interview was quite long, over an hour, so it’s separated in clips. This was a first for both Douglas and I, so please don’t hold it against us, we might have been a bit nervous 😉 Shout out to Douglas’ uncle, we’d love to see a pic of the boxers lol. 

ETA: We received a pic of Douglas’ uncle in his boxers from Douglas’ mom. Scroll down to the bottom! 

Part 1

Part 2

See the rest of the interview after the jump!

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101 Funny Questions With Douglas Hamilton – Ask Your Questions Here

Due to all the positive feedback you guys gave us on the interview the other day and since you guys are asking for more, we decided we’ll be doing 101 funny questions with Douglas. 

We’re compiling a list of questions, so if you have any questions you want us to ask just leave them in the comments below!

We will “try” to record it. The keyword here being try. We know a lot of you have requested to hear him talk. 🙂 

Things You Wanted to Know – My Interview With Douglas

As you all know this is Douglas Hamilton’s website. However since Douglas has been working like crazy for the last little while, he’s working seven days a week, he hasn’t had time to be on all that much. He also has very bad internet at the moment, which is why he can’t tweet much. Knowing you guys had a bunch of questions we decided to call him up and do an interview of sorts. I called Douglas last night and did the interview over the phone. I know right? Me doing an interview? Hilarious… So please excuse my lack of experience 😉 Any errors made are mine and mine alone. I’m writing this with notes and from memory. Sorry Douglas 😉 

Marie: What do you think about all the attention you’ve been getting because of the video with lion cubs?
Douglas: I don’t understand where it all came from, but I’m humbled by it. It’s amazing and I’m grateful and thankful for it.

M: What are you doing right now? Working in Australia right?
D: Yes, working in Australia.

M: Any plans on going back to Scotland to live there?
D: I’d prefer to go back to visit, rather than go back to live. I’d like to live in Australia or the States. If I go back home I think I’d prefer to live in London.

M: What would you like to do for a living?
D: I would love to do music for a living. Maybe work as a TV presenter. I also love working with animals. Maybe marine biology to work with dolphins. I’d really love to go back and work with the cubs. It was one of the best times of my life. I still miss them and think about them a lot.

M: Regarding music, which instruments can you play? Actually which instruments can’t you play? Please tell me you can’t play bagpipes because that would make you too perfect.
D: (laughs) I can’t play bagpipes, although some specific bagpipe music can give me chills. I can play the piano, the guitar and drums. I learned to play by myself. I can listen to a song and play it by ear. I started playing the piano when I was 12, drums when I was 16 and guitar at 19.

M: What inspires you to write music?
D: Life in general. Emotions, my love life, things that go right, things that go bad. So emotions mostly. I write songs and lyrics from personal experience.

M: What’s your favourite band/ artist?
D: I listen to a lot of songs, I can’t say a specific artist. I do really like The Script, The Fray, Adele, Michael Jackson and Imogen Heap.

M: What’s your favourite song?
D: I can’t pick a specific song, since I love so many of them. I love various styles, I could love anything from *** (censored by M) to The Fray
M: Did you just say ***? (laughs)
D: (Laughs) Well I said I “could” love anything from **** to The Fray. I’m not saying I actually do like *** (laughs)
M: Oh good, because if you had said you liked *** I don’t think I would have written it (laugh)
D: Yeah don’t write that (laughs)
D: But if I had to pick a song I’d have to say either Hurt by Johnny Cash or How to Save a Life by The Fray.

I totally wrote it anyway… sorry Douglas 😉 I promise I will never disclose the name of the said artist though. 

(Moment of silence)

D: Sorry a huge spider just came down right in front of my face.
M: What?! Ewwww! I hate having spiders in my house. I always bring them outside.
D: (laughs) I know! I bring them outside too. Want me to tell you a little story about spiders? You might hate me for it after though. (laughs)
M: Go ahead.
D: You know spiders are very territorial? If you take one and bring it outside it will try to find it’s way back in. Like a week later you might see a spider and think: “Oh, another spider!” but it’s actually the same spider you brought out the week before. They will always try to find their way back in. It’s like their home. You have to go bring it at least 10 blocks away so it doesn’t come back.
M: That’s creepy, you’re right, I didn’t want to know that (laughs). You live in Australia, you must see much bigger spiders than me.
D: (Laughs) Actually, I haven’t seen that many here.
M: (Laughs) That’s because they’re all hiding and waiting for you to fall asleep to come out.
D: Don’t say that! (laughs)

I’m actually shocked he didn’t scream or anything because of the spider. I totally would have  😉 Okay moving on. 

M: What inspires you?
D: Life in general. Any act of kindness really. It inspires me to be a better person and to do good.

M: Do you have a personal hero?
D: My personal heroes are my parents.  I admire their morals and how long they’ve been married. I’m so proud of them as individuals. They taught me everything I know and I wouldn’t be who I am without them.

M: Okay now some quick questions. What are your hobbies? What do you like to do?
D: Any sport really. I like sports that get my heart pumping. Extreme sport mainly

M: Favourite actor?
D: There are  many but Robert Downey Junior is one of them. Ryan Renolds as well.

M: Favourite movie?
D: I like comedies a lot. The Anchorman, Stepbrothers, Instinct, Man on Fire, Taken and so on.

M: Favourite food?
D: Calamari
M: Ewwwww
D: (laughs) It’s actually one of the only seafood I’ll eat. Well prawns and tuna too.

M: Favourite colour?
D: Typical guy answer (laughs) blue.

Writing this was much harder than I thought it would be. To be honest I can’t do Douglas justice in writing, as I was writing this using notes and going by memory. In reality his answers were much more fleshed out than those I wrote down. I also had to make Douglas talk a lot slower because of his Scottish accent ;). Douglas is a great guy and great fun to talk too. I hope this gives you some insight on him. 

If you guys have any more questions you want us to ask let us know in the comments! 

Douglas Hamilton With Cute Australian Animals

As we’ve mentioned Douglas is currently living in Australia. Due to his lack of good internet access he can’t be on much right now. As soon as he gets better internet he’ll be on here. In the meantime here are some pics of Douglas with cute Australian Animals. 

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