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Happy Birthday Dougie!



Happy birthday Dougie!

We decided to contact a few of his friends to ask them if they had messages they wanted us to post on the site for you. A big thank you to Adam who helped out.

Here are the messages: 

Well what can I say about my good friend Dougie. He’s Glasgow’s answer to James Bond, the guys want to be him & the girls want to be with him! He’s handsome, tall & extremely funny. You would think all these traits would give him a big head but no, not our Dougie. It’s In fact his Jedward hair cut that makes him look like he has a big head. But we still love him even if his hair dresser doesn’t 😉
Happy birthday mate.


Happy 29th!!!! Birthday Dougie, cant believe your 29!!! its your 30th year alive, so your actually over 29 and in your 30th year 🙂 haha love you big guy, glad your my mate…..most of the time Haha X



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Doug and Emily singing Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

In the caption of the video:

Here is my last day at Dolphin Cove. Emily had never sang in front of people or a camera before but I over heard her one day so begged her to sing with me.

It’s gorgeous! Thank you Doug and Emily! ~Sim

Update and New Song

Hey guys, 

Here’s the latest update, just waiting to hear back from a few things in the States. But all is still a go. I start working with the dolphins in August. At the moment, still happily working away as a carpenter in Adelaide. 

After working on a new song with a couple of friends, I finally got it finished and  iTunes loved and has now released it worldwide. So I couldn’t be happier with that! If you want to check it out click here for the iTunes link. 

CNN is very interested in my lion videos so you may be seeing them on Anderson Cooper 360, as well as their affiliate stations soon. 

As per before, a couple of great people are helping me out. Due to not being able to work while I’m in America while I’m doing the internship with the dolphins, they’ve created an auction to help raise money. If you’re able to help out no amount is too small. You can donate by clicking the “Donate” button in the sidebar here or by participating in the auction here. I’ll also be putting up a cover for auction. 

I like cake. 


I’m Alive and Here’s An Update

Hey guys, 

Sorry for the disappearing act, I’ve just been working hard with Marie trying to get some things sorted and after a lot of hard work, mainly from Marie’s side haha, and going through various stages with a very slim chance of getting it but we never gave up and it has finally paid off. I have been offered one of the 4 positions of an internship in the Florida Keys working with dolphins. I couldn’t be any happier as I have always wanted to work with dolphins.

The internship commences on the 20th of August, however I have friends living in the States so if possible I may be trying to go to the US earlier. 

I think hearing the dolphin news has freed my mind from a lot of worries and doubts as I’ve been working on a new song for over 4 weeks now. After hearing the dolphin news I was able to finish the song 3 days later. Hopefully it will be up on iTunes by next week. The song is called Give It Away, it has myself singing and backed-up by my friend Ellie Katsaparas, the guitar was composed by my friend David Sutherland. The song took 3 days to write, the lyrics were written by myself, my cousin Chelsea-Kay Daniels and Ellie as well.

The song can be open to interpretation but it’s mainly about relationships, playing games when it’s past the point of playing games. So it’s about giving everything, but still playing games due to possible previous relationships, doubts or insecurities. Ultimately they have that person completely and would do anything for them and be everything for them. So the words “give it away” can mean a number of things like giving away and not masking feelings or giving away as in a new relationship, giving away being single. It can mean something to every relationship new or old. 

I have just invested in a brand new Blue Yeti microphone so I plan on recording more. 

If you guys have any questions feel free to ask. Marie and I will keep you guys updated. 

Nothing worth having comes easy. 

Come to the dark side we have cookies 😉 


Douglas Speaks American, Japanese & French and Tells Ghost Stories

As mentioned in a previous post, I said we’d be posting some podcast types of chats Douglas and I have. Here is one we had last night where he speaks American, Japanese and French. He also made me speak French from France. 😉 There are more but I’m not posting them tonight. Enjoy! 

Here’s the part where he tells a ghost story 😉

Short Update & If You have Questions Leave Them Here

Hi everyone,

Marie here, just wanted to give you all a short update. We’re working on getting more stuff on the site soon. Also Douglas and I will be doing “podcast” types of updates together which we’ll be posting, so if you have any questions just ask us and we’ll chat about it and you guys will get to listen to the audio 🙂 

We’re working on some stuff right now, which is why we haven’t been posting much. Keep your eye open for updates coming soon 😉 

If you missed the previous interview you can check it out here

Douglas Hamilton wallpapers

Since we got some great pictures sent to us from Doug, we made some wallpapers for you: Click the image to download.

Daily Record: Scots lion man Douglas Hamilton asked to consider role on hit US show The Bachelor

 Click to make bigger 

From The

LION man Douglas Hamilton is in demand from US TV bosses after they saw online footage of him playing with cubs at a wildlife park.

Douglas melted the hearts of more than 170,000 people, including singing star Taylor Swift, after he posted videos of the encounters in South Africa.

The 28-year-old, whose films including Lion Cubs Hugs and Lion Licking Face were snapped up by an online marketing firm, has since moved to Australia.

Douglas said: “After the Taylor Swift mania, everything faded for a good five months… then out of nowhere my views online more than doubled in one week.

“Apparently, the main guy from Vampire Diaries posted my video on his Facebook or Twitter so it got all these views again – almost 487,000.

“CNN and Fox emailed wanting to use my video worldwide on their shows but I no longer have the rights so couldn’t.

“When I explained I no longer had the rights, CNN said if I went back to Africa they would possibly like to do a Christian and the lion type reunion thing to see if the lions remember me.”

Douglas, from Glasgow’s south side, has also been approached by US broadcasters ABC about reality TV show The Bachelor, which sees a group of women compete for the affections of the main man.

A producer emailed him, saying: “We’re looking for outstanding eligible men to be The Bachelor on our new season.

“I was totally enchanted by the video of you with those lion cubs, as well as by your music.”

Douglas is now in talks with the channel but he added: “I’m not really sure it’s my thing but I would like to get into TV presenting and do more with my music so it could open doors.”

The UK series of The Bachelor starred Welsh rugby international Gavin Henson in the lead role.

*VIDEO* Taylor Swift Talks About Douglas Hamilton and the Cub Video

The video has gotten the attention of celebrities: Taylor Swift was interviewed and talked about Douglas’ YouTube video of the cubs. She even gave a great impression of Douglas’ accent! The interview was given during a YouTube Presents: a series of interviews about social media and the importance of it for artists.

She talks about the video at 5:30

Source: Taylor Swift YouTube Channel