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You can contact me by sending me an email at for any enquiries.  

You can also find me on Twitter: DougHamilton84

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3 responses to “Contact Me

  • Mychele Remonte

    I saw your video and can I just say that I was heart warming. While I was watching your video, I was actually asking myself why you left those cubs. If ever you were to go back to Africa, please share your video again. I think your viewers esp me would like to see it. Thank you!

  • Garrison

    I see the lion cub videos whenever I feel like being cheered up. I also put my own little indoor-outdoor kitty’s sandpaper licks into a proper perspective after I see what the lion cub can do!

  • Jihan

    Going through a ridiculously rough time, and your farewell video with the cubs is the only source of cheer these days. Feel much better every time I watch it 🙂

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