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New Video with Pictures of Douglas and the Lion Cubs!

FP made this wonderful video of Douglas and the cubs:

If you can’t watch it on your mobile: here’s a link to the Vimeo version: CLICK HERE


Short interview Douglas Hamilton Did With The DailyRecord

DailyRecord.co.uk reported about Douglas and his video at their site (the ‘interview’ is from september 2011):

These are the images that have melted the hearts of 170,000 people – including singing star Taylor Swift.

Scots bank worker Douglas Hamilton has become an internet sensation after posting footage online of his encounters with lion cubs on a wildlife park in South Africa.

Fans all over the world have watched the film, called Morning Love from the Lions, on YouTube.

American singer Taylor loved Douglas’s short movie so much that she watched it three times in one week.

And after she raved about the footage during an interview, thousands more people have logged on to see it.

Taylor said: “It makes me so happy.

“It’s got these five or six lion cubs and they jump up on the lion trainer and start hugging him. They love him so much.”

Douglas, from Glasgow’s south side, worked with the wild cubs for two months at the Port Elizabeth Seaview Lion Park.

The 27-year-old, who is now with Barclays bank, said “Nothing happened when I first posted the film.

“But all of a sudden, it had 30,000 hits and that jumped to 70,000 and beyond. Then someone told me that Taylor Swift had started talking about it.”

Douglas said of his experience with the lions: “It was unbelievable. The animals roam free and your cabin is twenty feet away.”



*VIDEO* Taylor Swift Talks About Douglas Hamilton and the Cub Video

The video has gotten the attention of celebrities: Taylor Swift was interviewed and talked about Douglas’ YouTube video of the cubs. She even gave a great impression of Douglas’ accent! The interview was given during a YouTube Presents: a series of interviews about social media and the importance of it for artists.

She talks about the video at 5:30

Source: Taylor Swift YouTube Channel

Lion Cubs Hugs

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