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The Rest of the Convo With Douglas

I finally managed to edit the final parts of my conversation with Douglas. He talks about animals, where he’s been, his bucket list, the Australian version of the Hangover and I think he might have said I was crazy ;). So here they are for you guys. 

Below he talks about swimming with Dolphins and places he’s been 

In this video he speaks about music, animals and his favourite Australian animal 

I think I’ve just been called crazy lol 😉 

The Hangover – Australian Edition. 

I’m not posting the video so you’ll have to ask Douglas for the link on Twitter lol 

And finally an update and Douglas’ bucket list 


*Audio* 101 Daft Questions With Douglas Hamilton

Hi all FPOnTheDL here. Here’s  the interview “101 Daft Questions” I did with Douglas Hamilton. The interview was quite long, over an hour, so it’s separated in clips. This was a first for both Douglas and I, so please don’t hold it against us, we might have been a bit nervous 😉 Shout out to Douglas’ uncle, we’d love to see a pic of the boxers lol. 

ETA: We received a pic of Douglas’ uncle in his boxers from Douglas’ mom. Scroll down to the bottom! 

Part 1

Part 2

See the rest of the interview after the jump!

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Daily Record: Scots lion man Douglas Hamilton asked to consider role on hit US show The Bachelor

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From The DailyRecord.co.uk

LION man Douglas Hamilton is in demand from US TV bosses after they saw online footage of him playing with cubs at a wildlife park.

Douglas melted the hearts of more than 170,000 people, including singing star Taylor Swift, after he posted videos of the encounters in South Africa.

The 28-year-old, whose films including Lion Cubs Hugs and Lion Licking Face were snapped up by an online marketing firm, has since moved to Australia.

Douglas said: “After the Taylor Swift mania, everything faded for a good five months… then out of nowhere my views online more than doubled in one week.

“Apparently, the main guy from Vampire Diaries posted my video on his Facebook or Twitter so it got all these views again – almost 487,000.

“CNN and Fox emailed wanting to use my video worldwide on their shows but I no longer have the rights so couldn’t.

“When I explained I no longer had the rights, CNN said if I went back to Africa they would possibly like to do a Christian and the lion type reunion thing to see if the lions remember me.”

Douglas, from Glasgow’s south side, has also been approached by US broadcasters ABC about reality TV show The Bachelor, which sees a group of women compete for the affections of the main man.

A producer emailed him, saying: “We’re looking for outstanding eligible men to be The Bachelor on our new season.

“I was totally enchanted by the video of you with those lion cubs, as well as by your music.”

Douglas is now in talks with the channel but he added: “I’m not really sure it’s my thing but I would like to get into TV presenting and do more with my music so it could open doors.”

The UK series of The Bachelor starred Welsh rugby international Gavin Henson in the lead role.

Some Cute Pics of Douglas Hamilton With Lion Cubs

Here are some cute pics of Douglas Hamilton with lion cubs. We thought you might enjoy them! 

Check out the rest after the jump! 

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