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Another Cute Video of Douglas With Lion Cubs

Here’s another cute video of Douglas Hamilton with lion cubs. 

The Rest of the Convo With Douglas

I finally managed to edit the final parts of my conversation with Douglas. He talks about animals, where he’s been, his bucket list, the Australian version of the Hangover and I think he might have said I was crazy ;). So here they are for you guys. 

Below he talks about swimming with Dolphins and places he’s been 

In this video he speaks about music, animals and his favourite Australian animal 

I think I’ve just been called crazy lol 😉 

The Hangover – Australian Edition. 

I’m not posting the video so you’ll have to ask Douglas for the link on Twitter lol 

And finally an update and Douglas’ bucket list 


More Pics of Douglas Hamilton With Lion Cubs

Here are more cute pics of Douglas Hamilton with lion cubs. Some of them are low-res because they’re pics taken from a phone. Enjoy! 

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Lion Cubs Hugs

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